Multi-vendor, Multi-technology

Our Professional Services are flexible in scope and customized to our clients’ needs. Our standardized designs, proven work processes, robust management tools and leadership experience reduce capital requirements, lower operating costs, accelerate schedules and deliver quality projects safely.


Greater efficiencies vs  shrinking ARPU

With ever-shrinking ARPUs, wireless carriers are increasingly seeking greater efficiencies. Wavsys' innovative deployment and operations models have proven to be critical to our carrier partners. Wavsys supports a range of business models and operating capabilities that align the carrier's business with the required cost and productivity delivery model.

Collaboration, teamwork and excellence

Our clients partner with us to support turnkey services. From an eNodeB install and integration to a regional program management, Wavsys is united under one common goal: collaboration, teamwork, and excellence.


Embracing digital transformation

The digital transformation of network operations is achieving double-digit percentage savings for wireless carriers. These new digitization business models optimize efficiency by allowing analytics to automate operations. Wavsys clients benefit from Wavsys' in-house Industry 4.0 transformational expertise. This includes supply chain uberization, which optimizes costs and improves the performance of the carrier's network and services.