Contingent Workforce Services

Industry experts, not just recruiters

We self-perform professional services. We are, therefore, an organization of subject matter experts, not just recruiters. Our client's competitive advantage, therefore, often hinges upon Wavsys’ unique ability to swiftly assemble high-performance teams who can perform at the pace of change.

How we can help you

Five-step recruitment process

Talented individuals are the most important, strategic and variable component to any company’s success. They are essential to achieving and sustaining great results. To achieve this, Wavsys follows a five-step quality recruitment procedure.


1. Market Analytics

High demand for talent fuels marketplace competition. We are subject matter experts in the industries we serve. We know where to find, attract and retain top talent.

2. Customer Knowledge

We take time to understand our client's business needs, initiatives and culture. This enables us to develop a proposal that attracts the best talent in highly-competitive labor markets.


3. Sourcing

The best candidates are not on the job boards: they’re working. We leverage our referral network to recruit. This strategy is more successful than submitting unqualified candidates from job boards.


4. Screening & Selection

We self-perform services. We are an organization of subject matter experts, not just recruiters. Our screening and selection, therefore, is thorough. We screen every resume, host face-to-face interviews, conduct technical assessments and perform detailed reference checks.


5. Retention

Retaining the best talent is critical to managing success. We have a quality process to consistently communicate with our customers and technical professionals throughout their engagements. This encourages our professionals to focus on their projects rather than seeking their next assignment.